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Today we’d like to talk to you about love spells. To be more precise, about casting a love spell using picture. To this end, we reached spellcaster Maxim for comment. Maxim is a globally recognized practitioner of magic specializing in love magic. Spellcaster Maxim SpellsHelp.com kindly agreed to both, answer our questions and teach us how to cast a spell by drawing images.

Love spell using picture


“Who can cast this love spell? Do I have to be an artist to cast it? And how important are my drawing skills if I want to practice magic?”


“I, spellcaster Maxim, am pleased to inform you that you don’t have to be an artist to cast a good love spell using picture. For this spell to work, you need to have basic drawing skills. It’s enough to just draw a circle with two dots as the head and two straight lines as the legs and two lines as the arms.

It’s not your talent for drawing that enables you to influence reality. It’s your love. Your love is what fuels your ritual. It’s your spell’s driving force. Your patience is what builds the way to your goal. Without love, your spell will prove powerless. It’s pointless to perform love magic at home if you don’t love. If you don’t love, the primary material for your spell – the energy to build the matrix of his love for you – is missing.

Love spell on pictureIf you doubt that you’re worthy of his love or consider yourself a poor match for the person you love, you’ll fail. Doubt takes your power away. Casting a spell having no faith in yourself is like shooting arrows from a bow with a loose bow string. The arrow will fly a couple of meters and fall on the ground without ever reaching the target.

Patience is important because your spell needs some time to kick in. Imagine you put a seed into the ground hoping to grow a beautiful flower. You plough through the soil, add some fertilizer, and water it. In other words, you perform a proper ritual. Then you go to bed. The next morning you wake up hoping to see a flower but you don’t. There is no green stem sprouting up above the soil. The right decision would be to continue watering your seed and wait. The wrong decision would be digging the seed out every five minutes to see if there are any roots growing from it into the soil. The right decision would be giving it sunlight. The wrong decision would be putting a bunch of hot lamps around it that will burn the flower. Another wrong decision would be trying to open up the flower bud instead of waiting for it to bloom naturally.

So as long as you believe you have the right to love and be loved, if your love is strong and you’re ready to wait for as long as it takes your spell to influence your beloved, the fact that you can’t draw well is irrelevant.”


Easy love spells with pictures



“Do you know any easy love spells with pictures?”


“To begin with, prepare a pack of paper, preferably hand-made. Every object radiates certain energy. Machine-produced paper has no soul and almost no energy, which is not good for your spell. When paper is made by a person, it absorbs some of his energy and craftsmanship. Then it absorbs some of your energy and ultimately helps you perform powerful magic.

As for candles, I, spellcaster Maxim, suggest that you buy special candles. Candles are important in magic. Buy a dozen or two and also try to find hand-made candles. Such candles can be found at magic stores. Tell your sales assistant what ritual you’re going to perform and ask him or her to help you choose the right candles. Don’t worry, no one will judge you.

If you like to be in control of everything you do, visit my website. It has a lot of useful information and tips about how to buy and store magic artifacts, as well as how to activate them. Without it, you’re bound to make some mistakes that may seem insignificant to you but are in fact fatal for your spell. As a result, you’ll just waste a lot of time and get nowhere.

Stack up your sheets of paper and make some holes on one side. The number of holes should be even if you’re casting this love spell using pictures on a guy, and uneven if you’re going to use magic on a girl.

Now choose a lace. The color of your lace can impact your spell modifying the end result. As far as I understand, you want more than to just make the target fall in love with you. You want to be loved deeply and you want your love to last. So be careful choosing the lace for your ritual.

Here’s how different lace colors impact magic:

Yellow – brings sex to the forefront.

Green – helps find spiritual depth in a relationship.

Blue – increases intellectual capacity.

Orange – gives energy and courage.

Red – helps women take on a leadership role in a relationship.

Bordeaux – helps create a union of two wealthy people (even if you don’t have money at the moment, you’ll get it later).

Dark blue – gives the leadership role to the man who will provide for, protect and take care of his woman.

Purple – gives magical power enabling people to control reality with the power of their mind.

Semitones, such as light blue, pink, light green or gray, as well as black and brown, aren’t used in magic. Avoid white laces too. White is a neutral color, so it’ll make your energy neutral, too. However, your energy needs a specific charge that will program your future partner to think and feel in a certain way.

Pass the lace through the holes to make what looks like a drawing book.”

Cast powerful love spell on picture

Easy love spells with pictures


“Is it when the practitioner can finally start drawing?”


“Yes. On the cover of your drawing book write down the title: ‘Love Story Between X & Y’ (where X and Y are your names). Open the first page and start drawing. But before you draw, close the shades to make the room completely dark and light-free, and light the candles. To cast a love spell on picture, you have to repeat certain actions multiple times. You should do it under the same conditions – at the same time in the morning or in the evening, with the same number of candles burning and standing in the same place, and with the same pencils. This will allow you to stay focused on the ritual.

It is believed that if you open this drawing book during the day when the shades are up or when the light is on, it will disturb your inner settings and kill your chance at building the future you want to have.

Now start drawing in your drawing book. You can draw one or more episodes from your life on each page. I, spellcaster Maxim, want to remind you that you don’t have to draw well. The key is to have faith and never doubt your drawings’ ability to influence your future through changes in your past and present.

For example, you and the person you love were at a party thrown by a mutual friend. It really happened. The target didn’t notice you that day. Now draw that day but change it. Draw yourself and your loved one at that party but make him smile at you, dance with you, bring you a cocktail, flirt with you, etc. Change your present through your drawings. Are you not even friends with the person you love? Does he have a lover or is he prioritizing his career? Draw him breaking up with the lover or leaving his work early and rushing to see you with flowers or some other gift in his hand. Draw yourself and your loved one on each page of your drawing book. You should merge your destinies in order to work a miracle and get what you want.

Once you’re done with your past and present, get to the future. Draw the life you want to have with this person. Don’t limit yourself. The bigger your dream and the louder you say you want something, the sooner you’ll get it.

And remember that you always have a backup plan. If your spell fails to help you start a relationship with the person you love, contact me. My powerful spells are extremely effective and help create love that lasts for decades. It’s easy to work with me. Just place your order, let me prepare for your spell, let me cast the spell, and enjoy the results. So visit my website and let me use my magic to bring true and selfless love into your life and make your dreams come true.


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